March 4, 2022

Suppli featured in LBM Journal's review of top tech tools for suppliers

Suppli was featured in the LBM Journal's review of top tech tools for suppliers in the March 2022 edition.

Suppli featured in LBM Journal's review of top tech tools for suppliers

Suppli featured in LBM Journal's review of top tech tools for suppliers

Suppli was proud to be featured in the LBM Journal's In-Depth series on new technologies available to material suppliers. The role of technology in suppliers' operations has been pushed to the forefront as the industry faces challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented labor shortages at the hands of the Great Resignation and an ever-changing buyer demographic who continue to demand a more modern, consumer-grade customer experience.

“Now more than ever, it is important to use technology to provide a differentiated customer experience. As demographics evolve, the customers of tomorrow demand that dealers provide them with the tools to make doing business easy.”

– Ryan Ayers, Co-founder of Suppli

National dealers like Builders Firstsource and BMC see these trends and are investing heavily in technology. While independent dealers may not have the resources to build technology internally, they can leverage readily available software solutions like Suppli to stay relevant and competitive.

Technology needs to do more than make a dealer’s life easy. It also has to make their customer relationships stickier. A good example of this is payments and A/R software.

“ Customers are used to making payments and managing their accounts online elsewhere, yet the status quo payments and A/R process at most LBM dealers remains paper-based and hamstrung by unnecessary friction. Requiring paper credit apps and job sheets leads to lost customers and missed sales.”

– Ryan Ayers, Co-founder of Suppli

That being said, technology only works if it integrates seamlessly with a dealer’s existing operating systems and workflows. Finding software built by LBM professionals and specifically designed for dealers is crucial. Suppli's founders previously ran a material house in Texas so they've lived the challenges suppliers and their customers face firsthand.

If your team is ready to leverage technology to bring your customer experience in-line with the demands of today's material customers or if you've been frustrated by the limitations of generalist solutions on the market, reach out to the Suppli team today.

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Suppli is the first payments and accounts receivable platform purpose-built for building material suppliers. From onboarding to invoice presentment to collections, our technology empowers suppliers to increase cash flow, reduce risks and provide a better customer experience. Our team is composed of building material suppliers, software engineers and financial experts who have lived the challenges suppliers and contractors face each day. That’s why we’ve built things like project-based invoicing, mobile-friendly payments and tools to communicate with upstream parties. We are based in Austin, TX and backed by top venture capital funds and some of the largest suppliers in the country. Connect with us at to learn more.

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