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Case Study

Why the nation's largest independent insulation provider runs on Suppli

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DeVere Insulation
Baltimore, MD
Credit Team


DeVere Insulation is the nation’s largest independent insulation provider with thousands of customers along the East Coast ranging from local homeowners to national builders. Given their scale, it’s fair to say payments and cash application at DeVere are a big deal. Prior to implementing Suppli, the team was using a well-known accounts receivable software solution that didn’t address the unique issues faced in construction. Things like deposits, retainage, project-based payments and communicating with customers in the field. With Suppli, these challenges are now a thing of the past, and DeVere is able to save time, get paid faster and better serve their customers.

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"In my 30+ years of credit management experience I’ve used every major A/R solution, including Billtrust and VersaPay, but nothing compares to Suppli. I can’t overstate how easy the platform is for us and our customers. They love being able to pay from a text or the mobile portal and we’ve already seen a 7 day drop in collection times for many of our accounts."
  • Customer Deposits: DeVere required deposits for many of their customers, creating a need to collect payment before an invoice was generated
  • Retainage: Collections were complicated by the inability to track which outstanding invoices were past due vs. retainage
  • Ease of Use: The DeVere team was looking for something built for credit managers, not bookkeepers
  • Customer Portal Adoption: DeVere’s customers oftentimes didn’t use their previous customer portal because it was hard to use or inaccessible
  • Implementation: Having used various software solutions before, the team was weary of implementing another ERP integration
  • Support: DeVere struggled with other software providers that would take days to resolve mission-critical issues
  • Costs: Margins in construction can be tight, and the team struggled to find a software solution that understood this
  • With Suppli DeVere is now able to seamlessly take advanced payments, flag them for certain projects and automatically push them to their ERP
  • The team can now flag invoices that are retainage, allowing them to easily draw a distinction between invoices and customers that are truly past due
  • A modern, easy-to-use interface that allows credit managers to perform complex tasks in a few clicks
  • A customer portal built for SMB contractors and national accounts alike. Fully mobile-responsive and accessible from the field
  • Suppli’s onboarding team had DeVere up and running in just over a month
  • Dedicated customer support available via chat, email and phone with < 10min human response times
  • No expensive software subscriptions. An innovative, month-to-month pricing structure that is aligned with the customer

Big box payments, out of the box

Suppli gives you the modern payment & communication tools to build a differentiated customer experience that rivals the big box stores.

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