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Simple, transparent pricing

No monthly software fees, upfront implementation costs or hidden per-user charges.

Our Fees

Payment processing

One simple rate for card and ACH payments. Ability to offset processing costs with dynamic convenience fees.

Volume Based

+ applicable interchange rates

Monthly software costs


Software implementation costs


Seat licenses


What is interchange?

Interchange fees are transaction fees that merchant's must pay whenever a customer uses a credit / debit card. These fees are paid to the card-issuing banks to cover handling costs, fraud and bad-debt. These fees are non-negotiable and are typically set twice a year.

Suppli mark-up
Increased margins with convenience fees

How to eliminate card processing fees

With Suppli you can pass on all or a portion of the processing fees associated with taking credit or debit cards. Implement a compliant card convenience fee of up to 4% and customize when its charged using triggers to set thresholds for days past due and payment amounts.

Big box payments, out of the box

Suppli gives you the modern payment & communication tools to build a differentiated customer experience that rivals the big box stores.

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Features to Transform
your customer experience

Its time to replace spreadsheets, manual paperwork and outdated software. Suppli comes fully loaded with tools to empower your team and build stronger customer relationships.

Product Features

Supplier Portal

Virtual terminal

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Payment plans

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Payment requests

1-click payment via text & email

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Invoice activity tracking

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Finance charges

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Digital credit file

Project info and upstream parties

Customer documents

Account activity and notes

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Payment Processing

Credit card, debit card, ACH

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Unlimited Users

Unlimited supplier and customer users

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Customer Portal

Mobile & desktop versions

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Branded Payments

Branded with your logo and a unique URL

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Communication Tools

Automated invoice reminders

Send automated invoice reminders via text and email

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Automated collection workflows

Create customized collection workflows

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Customizable Card Convenience Fees

Days past due thresholds

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Card brand compliant

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Payment amount thresholds

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ERP Integration

Eliminate double data entry

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Automatic cash application

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Zero implementation fees

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Support Features

Available To All Users


7am – 7pm CT, Mon-Fri

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In-App Chat


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions suppliers ask most often.


How much does Suppli cost?

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The only cost for using Suppli is a small mark-up (starting at 0.50%) charged on all card and ACH payments processed through the platform (commonly referred to as “Interchange plus”). There are no monthly software fees, upfront implementation costs or hidden per-user charges.

Are there any implementation fees?

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No – Suppli does not charge any implementation fees as long as your account remains active during the two years following your implementation date.

Are there any other per-user or “hidden fees”?

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No – Suppli allows unlimited supplier and customer users out-of-the-box and there no additional fees to use the platform.

What is Interchange plus pricing?

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Interchange plus is the term used to describe a merchant pricing model where a fixed markup is applied directly to the wholesale interchange fees charged by the underlying credit card and ACH networks. Interchange fess are non-negotiable and charged every time a payment is processed.

Interchange plus offers maximum transparency as Suppli’s mark-up on every transaction (starting at 0.50%) is clearly broken out. Suppli’s mark-up is reinvested into the platform to fund customer support and the development of new features.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

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No – Suppli believes in earning your business everyday which is why we allow you to cancel at any time (subject to a 45 day notice period).

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